Immurk's Plunder

Session #1

Humble Beginnings

Players: Alex, Chris, Lachlan, Mike C, Mike W, Nick

The party meets in Redddansyr during the midsummer festivities at the Giant’s Folly. After hearing Mio’s performance, the group decides to band together to end her contract with her manager, Darthuson. The party ends the contract permanently. Witnessing this, a bard gives a message to Seriala Naurlasse “If you find yourself in Westgate, seek the flames.”

During the celebrations, the party hears from a group a miners who had a member of their group kidnapped by “walking lizard guys”. The party tracks the culprits, an advanced scouting party of troglodytes, and eliminates them.

NPCs met: Rucker the Stout, brewmaster of the Giant’s Folly.
Total EXP Earned: 900 (I didn’t keep as much tract of the rewards for the early session.)
Total Loot: 140 gp, manacles, freshwater pearl



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