Seriala Naurlasse


I am a Killoren, half fey. I stand 5’2" tall, with eyes as dark as night.
My skin is bark-like with shades of green and brown. My hair changes with the season. Green in spring and summer, yellow and amber in the fall, and red and black in the winter.
I am an apprentice of the Druidic arts with my trusty sibling Piny, the croc.


I grew up in Yuirwood, Aglarond. Raised by a family of crocodiles in a small bayou. I lived peacefully for 14 years until i became curious of the outside world. I knew i was different, but the comfort and safety of the bayou kept me from straying too far, until i met the Robes. A group of druids living within Yuirwood. I studied them, shadowed their keepers and eventually was invited to join in their rituals and studies. I learned what i could from the teaching and for many years i studied, with frequent visits back home of course. But all this new found knowlege made me wonder where i came from, what i was. So i left, venturing out into the vast world of Faerun.

Seriala Naurlasse

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